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Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology. The world’s leading provider of pneumatic and electrical automation technology has the right solution for every requirement with over 28,000 catalog products, customized solutions, ready-to-install automation systems and a matching range of services from SA products to before and after-sales support. This makes Festo the partner of choice for its customers all over the world – whether in factory automation, process automation or for consulting, training and skills development.


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Pneumatic Actuators

Festo offers pneumatic drives for a wide range of applications, from single-acting, compact and round cylinders to semi-rotary drives or clamping cylinders.

Pneumatic Actuator Information

Directional Control Valves

At Festo you’ll find directional control valves, proportional valves, safety valves, standards-based valves, fast-switching valves, media valves and process valves, actuated either electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually.

Directional Control Valve Information

Valve Terminals

Electromagnetic valves are linked to create a valve manifold with a common power supply and controller: the valve terminal. Festo's pneumatic valves and electrical connections are efficiently integrated on the valve terminal. This means the valve unit has fewer tubes and is much easier to assemble.

Valve Terminals Information

Positioning Systems

Festo provides Positioning Systems with electromechanical actuators and harmonized motor controller packages. They offer various linear axes for dynamic response and speed, precision and powerful movement. Their motor and controllers go from cost-effective stepper motors to highly functional servo motors.

Positioning Systems Information

Handling Systems

Festo provides individual modules for Handling Systems, such as linear modules, feed separators or a compact unit for a complete Pick & Place cycle.

Handling Systems Information

Vacuum Technology

Festo uses Vacuum generators that function according to the single-stage venturi principle. Vacuum grippers from Festo are available in various materials and designs – depending on the workpiece surface – and there is a suitable suction cup holder for each suction cup.

Vacuum Technology Information

Air Preparation Units

Festo offers service unit combinations and individual units for Preparing Compressed Air in two series: MS series and D series. The Modular connection system doesn’t require intermediate blocks and provides optimum flow rates with minimum size.

Air Preparation Units Information

Connection Technology

Festo Pneumatic Connection Technologies supplies you with tubing and push-in fittings that suit your requirements. A wide range of tubing and push-in fittings in many different materials guarantee durability and reliability for all applications.

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The highest level of process reliability, optimal performance and maximum safety. Festo’s comprehensive Sensor Portfolio combines these key features and ensures smooth and efficient production processes.

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